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We had the best trip with these guys! We booked this trip w/Exotic Fish Cabo specifically for snagging a rooster fish (bucket list) and these guys did not disappoint! Not only did we catch several rooster fish, we also reeled in a mahi-mahi and a nice shiny jack! FANTASTIC time! You will not be disappointed with these guys!

Tracy W.

Remarkable Encounter

At Exotic Fish Cabo sports fishing charters, our commitment revolves around crafting unforgettable fishing experiences that linger in the memories of our guests. Guided by our knowledgeable and seasoned fishing captains, you'll venture into the pristine waters of San Jose del Cabo, discovering premier fishing spots teeming with a variety of prized catches including Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, and more.

We're dedicated to ensuring your fishing excursion is not just memorable but also thrilling and fulfilling. Our goal is to curate moments that resonate long after the journey ends, creating cherished memories that withstand the test of time.

Join us on the tranquil waters and unravel why Exotic Fish Cabo stands as the epitome of excellence in Cabo's fishing scene. Whether you're an avid angler seeking adventure or a novice looking to experience the thrill of the catch, our team is here to make your fishing expedition an unparalleled success. Come aboard and embark on a journey filled with excitement, camaraderie, and unforgettable moments that define the essence of Exotic Fish Cabo Sportfishing charters.

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The Finest Fishing Experience

Experience the thrill of a lifetime with Exotic Fish Cabo's expertly guided fishing excursions, promising unforgettable memories against the stunning backdrop of San Jose del Cabo's azure waters.

Led by our seasoned captains, venture into the heart of prime fishing grounds where Marlin, Tuna, Dorado, Wahoo, Roosterfish, and more await your line. We pride ourselves on offering top-quality fishing gear and equipment, ensuring your focus remains on the excitement of the catch.

Our commitment extends to anglers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. With ours captain's expertise, discover the finest fishing spots tailored to your preferences, guaranteeing an unparalleled adventure amidst the sea's bounty.

Step aboard our comfortable fishing vessels equipped with the latest amenities and technologies, prioritizing your safety and enjoyment throughout the journey. Whether you seek a quick 3/4-day outing or a full-day expedition, our flexible trip options accommodate your schedule and desires. We accommodate from individual anglers to families, or groups on our trips.


But our trips are more than just fishing—they're a gateway to experiencing the mesmerizing beauty of San Jose del Cabo's waters and coastline. Immerse yourself in breathtaking scenery and vibrant wildlife, crafting cherished memories that endure.

At Exotic Fish Cabo sport fishing charters, we're dedicated to curating exceptional fishing adventures tailored to your needs. Don't miss out on the opportunity to create lasting memories with loved ones. Book your trip today and embark on an adventure that transcends the ordinary, promising thrills and excitement with every cast. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the fishing experience. We prioritize environmental stewardship,  advocating for sustainable fishing practices to preserve the marine ecosystem for future generations.

Additionally, our teams goes the extra mile to ensure your comfort and satisfaction throughout the journey. From providing personalized assistance to sharing insights into local marine life, we strive to make your fishing excursion as enriching as it is exhilarating.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction. We understand that each guest is unique, with distinct preferences and expectations. As such, we tailor our services to meet your individual needs, ensuring a seamless and memorable fishing experience from start to finish.

Join us at Exotic Fish Cabo sport fishing charters  and discover why we're the preferred choice for anglers seeking adventure and excitement on the pristine waters of San Jose del Cabo. Whether you're a seasoned angler or embarking on your first fishing expedition, let us be your guide to a world of exhilarating possibilities beneath the waves.


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